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Ready Set Grow Preschool and Learning Services is a title 22 program that cares for children from age six weeks to twelve years old. We have crafted our curriculum to fit the unique needs of each child, putting special attention on their total development as we ready them for a flawless entry to kindergarten.

Our lessons are carefully thought of using a theme-based curriculum. You can trust that our programs are founded on age-appropriate lessons and approaches which are perfect for your child with consideration on their age group and capacity. Children are given activities which will move them to critical thinking throughout the day so that they are encouraged to learn.

Dedicated Educators

At Ready Set Grow Preschool and Learning Services, you can be at peace knowing that we hire only reliable, honest, and highly-qualified teachers. Every day, they give children various and multiple chances to join in a variety of learning experiences that are crafted to develop cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional growth and progress. So that all your requirements are met, Ready Set Grow Preschool and Learning Services provide children the chance to:

  • Develop their language and communication
  • Learn how to choose and participate in every learning activity
  • Enhance creativity and find bliss in discovering
  • Institute self-confidence, independence, self-discipline, accountability and self-assurance
  • Learn self-reliance, how to properly solve problems and how to accurately make decisions
  • Learn fine and gross motor skills
  • Participate in proper interactions with kids and adults
  • Prepare for kindergarten
  • Be more self-reliant

Should you wish to see our campus, do not hesitate to call us at 909-883-6628 to schedule for a facility tour.

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